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Benefits of becoming a Network member begin with collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Experience has shown that considerable benefits are accrued to companies who participate in networks through increased knowledge levels and contact with potential partners. Network member businesses will stand stronger as part of an organized supply chain cluster that provides a competitive edge through cooperation. Network membership is open to businesses, government agencies, academic institutions and nonprofit organizations, and is a unique tool in ensuring the growth of your business.

Grow Right

  • Network is a non-profit with the mission of bringing offshore wind to the U.S. As a result of your membership, you will be a direct recipient of the recognition of being on the forefront of a new energy era for a global leader
  • Offshore wind is projected to become a leading source of renewable energy, and the Eastern Seaboard has the greatest harvest potential. Because of the Network’s Maryland location, members can easily leverage the unique competitive strengths of the State of Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region as well as opportunities to expand into markets nationally and internationally
  • The Network’s membership has a blend of high-profile businesses, independent companies, and media connections. Not only will you have access to other members, you will have the ability to customize your communicative access to the members your company needs

Grow Far

As a member, you will have access to a cultivated network of member businesses who cooperate and work together to bring the vision of offshore wind to life.

  • Existing members have created workforce opportunities for individuals with a wide range of educational and professional experience. As a new member, your presence further establishes the opportunity for the industry to expand
  • The Network exists to connect members and does so by hosting exclusive yearly events. The International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) is the Network’s signature event where members exhibit their wares and demonstrate their tools. Because of the Network’s efforts to cultivate innovative and educational members, the IPF has a unique capability of showcasing all participants of the renewable energy industry. Members bring their expertise, excitement, and willingness to establish new connections. As a member, your registration will be discounted until we open the doors.
  • Outreach and information is critical to our members’ success, therefore it is critical to ours. Network Members receive the most up-to-date information on all developments in offshore wind, policy updates, and other breaking news.

To become a Business Network for Offshore Wind Member, please fill out and submit our application form. Once completed, please send the application form to:

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