Liz Burdock is the Executive Director of the Business Network for Offshore Wind (otherwise referred to as “The Network”). This  private sector, membership‐driven, organization acts as a collaborative entity to leverage investment, deliver educational programming, conduct outreach and marketing, and foster bilateral cooperation in the regional offshore wind industry. The Network establishes relationships with industry players in the European Union, foreign and domestic project developers, and other East Coast states in order to establish an offshore renewable energy industry cluster in the region.

Liz has only been the Executive Director of The Network for 3 years. In that time, The Network, under Liz’s direction, was instrumental in organizing private sector support for the passage of the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013 and in broadening offshore wind’s appeal to the business community. The Network organized 140 companies, over 60% of which were minority business enterprises (MBE)/women’s business enterprises (WBE), to actively support the legislation. Her advocacy efforts and economic development work to bring the offshore wind industry to Maryland were recognized when she won the Maryland Clean Energy Advocacy Award of 2013.

The Network and Liz Burdock have been active voices in the region to make sure that the nascent offshore wind industry not only will be established, but that it will incorporate opportunities for local businesses of all sizes and residents of all skill levels. She has worked tirelessly with officials on the federal and state level to ensure that the industry’s progress remains on track and that supply chain opportunities are not lost in the noise. This has included town halls, educational forums and conferences which have attracted over 300 businesses to learn about what the industry promises to bring to the State of Maryland. She has kept her members informed on the pertinent issues so that their voices are heard in the formulation of the auction and OREC process.

The Network was appointed by the Governor of Maryland to serve on the Offshore Wind Business Development Advisory Committee, as part of the MOWEA 2013. As a member of a taskforce, Liz makes recommendations to ensure funds that are designated for the development of an offshore industry in Maryland are open to MBEs and emerging businesses.

To view Liz’s full CV, please click here.

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