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The Business Network for Offshore Wind is using its initiatives: international educational tours, exchanges with international governments; webinars; annual meetings and annual international partnering forum to lead the way toward advancing an U.S. offshore wind industry. Bringing together top developers, policymakers, global experts, and local member businesses, the Network has become a center and the voice for the offshore wind’s business community and a place for critical discussions along with unprecedented networking opportunities. The Network is a featured panelist at the first White House Summit on Offshore Wind and our members have participated in national discussions on clean energy. Further, the U.S. State Department has recognized the Network’s international importance and with a request of its representatives to speak on behalf of the U.S. offshore wind industry at the United Nations 2015 Climate Change Conference COP 21 in Paris.


The Business Network for Offshore Wind started in 2012, as an ad-hoc group of Maryland based companies that shared with legislators their combined vision of the benefits that offshore wind would bring to the business community. In the three years that have followed, the Network has become a registered not-for-profit organization with an energetic and determined Board along with over 110 fee paying business members. Today the organization is recognized as the only offshore wind business network that brings together member businesses, developers, policy makers, national and international experts, and economic development agencies for unprecedented knowledge sharing and relationship building and cluster forming opportunities. The Network’s aim is for the United States to have a strong offshore wind supply chain that has a leading role in the evolving global offshore wind industry.


The U.S. coastline offers offshore wind, a clean energy resource with the power to create unparalleled job growth and economic transformation. The Network is dedicated to building business across different sectors into a coherent supply chain that will usher the United States of America into the offshore wind energy market. The Network empowers its member businesses with the education, tools, and connections necessary to participate and to take a leading role in the creation of this booming new industry.


The sheer size and complexity of offshore wind projects creates opportunities for many industries. By collaborating across industry sectors, businesses are able to offer a wider range of products and services in one location. Through collaboration, businesses are able to become more competitive in the global offshore wind market. The Network connects member businesses and facilitates partnerships that turn small companies into high-performance teams, which can offer high-quality, integrated services and products for offshore wind energy generation.


Network business members’ participation in the offshore wind industry depends on this nation’s ability to provide globally competitive expertise, products, and services. The Network empowers its member businesses with the education, tools, and connections necessary to participate in the global offshore wind market.


European coastline communities have been reaping the economic benefits of the offshore wind power industry for over two decades. Offshore wind power has rapidly become a booming global industry.  Federal and State leaderships are vital to gain entry into this new market. The Network promotes and supports policies that directly advance the offshore wind industry and serve as an advocate for our member business community.


To be globally competitive in the offshore wind energy market, hubs of high-quality, integrated services and products need to be created. The Network helps its members nurture relationships with international and national developers, as well as policymakers and economic development agencies, to assure their position in the market.

National Approach

No single company or government agency can leverage the offshore wind potential to create jobs, strengthen the economy, generate clean energy and improve the quality of life for U.S. citizens. Offshore wind is the work of many. Earlier in 2015, the Network Board of Directors voted unanimously to expand the Network’s reach and efforts beyond the Maryland borders and to focus on helping build a pipeline of offshore wind projects, working together across state boundaries for the good of – not starting the industry – but strengthening the evolving U.S. offshore wind industry. The purpose is to create a U.S. offshore-based wind supply chain that can participate in all domestic wind farms as well as take a leading role in the global offshore wind markets.

The Network is proud to work with many cooperating partners such as the Maine Offshore Wind Initiative, Virginia Offshore Wind Coalition, U.S. Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management, US Department of Commerce, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and United Kingdom Trade and Investment, the Danish Energy Agency, RenewableUK, along with state, regional, national and international collaboration.

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