Apex’s Success Story

Apex logo2Deals Get Made at the IPF 

One of the Network goals is to put you in the room with the right person at the right time, so you can procure a deal and advance your business to the next level.

Multiple deals were made as a result of last year’s International Partnering Forum (IPF). We recently sat down with Apex Companies, LLC to ask about how they put together a winning team and secured a substantial contract.

Attending our events yields results; here’s what Apex Companies, LLC said:

“The State of Virginia released an RFP for an offshore wind port study and what improvements were needed to get the ports ready for this emerging new industry. Recognizing that Apex Companies had that capability but that that probably wasn’t enough to ensure winning the contract, we were looking at the 2014 IPF for European partners to bolster our team.

We met with the U.K firm Offshore Design Engineering Limited (ode), an international engineering contractor and BVG Associates, a leader in OSW port infrastructure. We said, ‘Why don’t we make team together to respond the Virginia RFP.  We’ll put Apex, ODE and BVG all on the team.’ At the Partnering Forum we developed a strategy, consolidated the team and made assignments. There were at least three and maybe four Business Network teams that were part of this overall team. The proposal was submitted. Our team was selected to do the work. The total budget was substantial. It was a significant win for the team. It was the first project we had done as a consolidated team and now we hope to do others.

Recently, we finalized the report and a final debriefing with the client was held the end of June 2015. The report was extremely well received. It is now being requested by the general wind industry. Virginia may disseminate it for public release. There will probably be follow-on work with Virginia as they sort out how they’re going to play in the offshore wind game.

That initial success story has reverberated with us. We as team members are now looking at other opportunities that we can go after both for offshore wind and just for any kind of energy consulting and marine-related consulting. We are now in the process of formalizing a sort of joint marketing agreement with ODE whereby we would assist them with some of their U.S. marketing and they will help us figure out the European market to see if there’s any place for us to play in the offshore wind market in Europe.”

Attending the International Partnering Forum leads to re$ults.

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