About Us

The Network’s Vision

We believe in harnessing the power of offshore wind to create jobs, strengthen the economy, and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

The Business Network for Offshore Wind is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit that is leading the way toward building an offshore wind industry in the United States. Bringing together top developers, global experts and member businesses, the Network has become the center for the offshore wind community and a place for access to education for critical business decision-making and unprecedented networking opportunities.

The Network believes that success in the offshore wind industry requires a commitment to a core set of values. These values are integral to our success:

Healthy Economy
Industries grow and change over time. Maintaining a healthy economy requires preparing the workforce for the jobs of the future and positioning local industries to operate in emerging markets. Preparing businesses to participate in the global offshore wind industry will enable unparalleled job growth and economic transformation.

Our participation in the offshore wind industry depends on our nation’s ability to provide globally competitive expertise, products, and services. We empower our member businesses with the education, tools, and connections necessary to participate in the global offshore wind market.


The sheer size and complexity of offshore wind projects creates opportunities for many industries. By collaborating across industry sectors, businesses are able to offer a wider range of products and services in one location. Through collaboration, businesses are able to become more competitive in the global offshore wind market. We connect member businesses and facilitate partnerships that turn small companies into high-performance teams that offer high-quality, integrated services and products in one location.

To be globally competitive in the offshore wind energy market, our region must stand out as a hub of high-quality, integrated services and products. We nurture our relationships with international and national developers, as well as economic development agencies to assure our position in the market. By becoming a member of the Network, businesses achieve the status and visibility required to gain entry into the offshore wind industry.


European coastline communities have been reaping the economic benefits of the offshore wind power industry for over two decades. Offshore wind power has rapidly become a booming global industry. We need the support of our states’ leadership to gain entry into this new market. We promote and support policies that directly advance the offshore wind industry and serve as an advocate for our member business community.

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