Along our Atlantic coastline lies an energy resource with the power to create unparalleled job growth and economic transformation—offshore wind. We are dedicated to building a business network that will usher the U.S. into the offshore wind market. We empower our members with the education, tools, and connections necessary to participate in the creation of a booming new industry.

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Fearless Leadership

I began 2015 on a leadership journey. I, along with 47 other state leaders, explored what leadership means. During the course of the year, we examined questions posed to everyone who has ever participated in a leadership program: Are leaders born? Can you learn leadership? How do you lead? Do leaders always need to be out front or can leaders be as effective working from behind? But we were also challenged to think beyond these questions as to examine leadership, its place in the world and yes, how you can make a difference.

My belief is that every year, we as society, set out to advance–we set out to lead. As the freshness of the new year sets in, we are full of hope and promise that the new year will lead to an improved world filled with renewed optimism. I also believe that regardless of political ideology, we choose to be guided by global, national, state or local leaders who we are confident will make policy and business decisions intended to make the world and our small corner of it better. 2015 held true to these aspirations.

As a global community, 200 countries gathered in Paris at the end of 2015 and reached the world’s most significant agreement to address climate change. The COP-21 Agreement presents a sea-change in philosophy and policy–it is clearly intended to mean the beginning of the end of fossil fuels serving as the primary engine of economic growth. It also clearly states the importance of climate change and that governments from around the world are taking climate change and their actions seriously.

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized new standards that will reduce carbon emissions from power plants for the first time. These Clean Power Plan regulations have been called Climate Game Changers by the Union of Concerned Scientists. The U.S. Congress finally extended the Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax Credits for Wind, providing stability to the market. California, Hawaii and New York, along with cities like San Diego and New York City, raised their Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) to higher, more ambitious targets, creating an opportunity for offshore wind to be a large part of the renewable energy mix.

2015 brought Dong Energy, the world’s leader in offshore wind development to the U.S. making a statement that U.S. offshore wind market held promise. It also gave the U.S. the beginning of its first offshore wind project. Deepwater Wind, LLC began the installation of its 30 MW project with completion slated for the fourth quarter of 2016.

2015 provided unprecedented technological advancements in the offshore wind industry resulting in significant cost reductions. In Denmark, Vattenfall won a tender for offshore wind energy produced at 13 Euro cents a KWH. The most recent auction in the United Kingdom saw an 11 percent decline in cost.

Historic clean energy opportunities happened in 2015–opportunities created by unprecedented leadership. The door has been opened, the opportunity has been created and time has come for offshore wind to be part of the renewable energy discussion in America. As we begin 2016 full of new promise, it is time to support the creation of more green banks that will provide the financial capital required to realize these policy objectives, and simultaneously help create hundreds of thousands of jobs and build projects that will significantly reduce carbon emissions. It is time to approve Offshore Renewable Energy Credit applications in NJ and MD, enact more ambitious state RPS standards and comprehensive energy bills like the Massachusetts legislation that will create an offshore wind project pipeline. It is time to make the U.S. infrastructure investments needed by port cities to deliver the offshore wind projects. It is time to make the technological advancements that drive the costs of offshore wind further–beyond the 13 Euro cents a KWH we saw in 2015.

2015 was no doubt a landmark year. So how do we ensure 2016 delivers on the promise we hold for it–the promise of a robust U.S. offshore wind industry? The groundwork has been laid to make this happen; the offshore wind industry now needs fearless leaders—it needs YOU.

This brings me back to my own leadership journey. I learned that leadership is more than style, an innate trait or learned behavior. I learned that to lead we must be fearless and take risks. We must be authentic. True leadership requires fearlessness and having the courage to remain true to yourself, your purpose and the greater good. We were often asked these three questions:

If Not Me Then Who?

If Not You, Then Who?

If Not Now, When?

I am now posing them to you. Will you take the risks necessary to establish this industry? Will you be bold in your thinking? Will you act now and be part of the history being written?

It starts with you. It’s time to be bold. It is time for fearless leadership.

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2016 IPF Logo

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The Business Network for Offshore Wind is pleased to announce the 2016 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum, October 2-5, 2016 in Newport, RI. The Network is the leader in promoting the offshore wind energy in the United States and globally and the result is an event that showcases the first offshore wind farm in the country, Block Island Wind Farm. Explore to learn more.

Ready, Set, Go: State of the States’ Offshore Wind Deployment

Good news! Most coastal U.S. states have now progressed beyond debating the merits of offshore wind and their combined efforts are marching America towards a need for a developed offshore wind supply chain. 2016 will see some states progress more than others but the business opportunities remain abundant.

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United States Lead Partner in 2016 Hannover Messe

Opportunity For U.S. Businesses to Shine on International Stage and Expand To Global Markets


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The Business Network for Offshore Wind is proud to support OffshoreMA in the realization of an offshore wind project pipeline emerging in the Northeast.


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