Along our Atlantic coastline lies an energy resource with the power to create unparalleled job growth and economic transformation—offshore wind. We are dedicated to building a business network that will usher the U.S. into the offshore wind market. We empower our members with the education, tools, and connections necessary to participate in the creation of a booming new industry.

Success Stories

McNeilan & Associates Makes Deal with LEEDCo After Reconnecting at Network Annual Meeting, By Beth Shields

McNeilan & Associates is a woman-owned, small-business that provides engineering and outreach for the siting, design, construction, and performance of:  1) coastal and near-shore infrastructure and industry 2) offshore renewable energy and 3) flood inundation & flood defense improvements. 

McNeilan & Associates is a U.S. company that has real world experience in offshore wind. McNeilan has worked on European offshore wind projects, performing in situ studies to let developers know what the condition of the ocean floor is where turbines may be planted.

“We are marine geotechnical engineers, which means we’re highly specialized.” McNeilan & Associates tests soil samples, performs in situ testing, CPT’s, and fiber coring, which is used to design the foundation for the structures. Developers may not understand how important this testing is and relegate it to later in a project, which can literally kill an offshore wind project once they find out what lies beneath. Read more.

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Deals Get Made at the IPF 

One of the Network goals is to put you in the room with the right person at the right time, so you can procure a deal and advance your business to the next level.

Multiple deals were made as a result of last year’s International Partnering Forum (IPF). We recently sat down with Apex Companies, LLC to ask about how they put together a winning team and secured a substantial contract.

Attending our events yields results; here’s what Apex Companies, LLC said:

“The State of Virginia released an RFP for an offshore wind port study and what improvements were needed to get the ports ready for this emerging new industry. Recognizing that Apex Companies had that capability but that that probably wasn’t enough to ensure winning the contract, we were looking at the 2014 IPF for European partners to bolster our team. Read more. 

How Network Events Can Land You a Deal

By Beth Shields

Michael Moss of Moss Marine USA, Inc. and Pete LeHardy of Phoenix International are unlikely — but profitable — partners.

Michael, the owner-operator of Moss, refers to himself as “the only guy in the Network with grease on his hands.” Pete, the business development manager for Phoenix, sees himself as having a “1,000 mile vantage point” over the projects that Phoenix works on.  “I am kind of the B-D guy, where Mike is the A-Z guy,” Pete told us.

As Michael tells us, “Pete’s a really laid-back guy.  I met him multiple times [at Network events].  I had no idea who [Phoenix was], because they’re outside of my normal business circles.  Phoenix would be the people who go out and find the space shuttle if it lands in the ocean.  Phoenix is a global service provider that we are fortunate to have in Maryland as part of the Network.  I never heard of them, because I don’t have a space shuttle, but I met them [through the Network]. “ Read more.


Spotlight on the Network

White House

FACT SHEET: White House Summit on Offshore Wind

Convening State and Industry Leaders; Supporting Strategies for the Long-Term Development of a Clean and Abundant Energy Resource Along All U.S. Coasts, September 28, 2015

Two years ago, President Obama released his vision to cut carbon pollution and transition our country to a clean-energy economy. One of the key pillars of the plan was the commitment to double our renewable energy use by 2020. We are on track to achieving that goal. However, there is a need to do more. That is why this summer, in a joint statement with Brazil, the United States committed to increasing non-hydro renewable energy generation to 20% by 2030

To achieve this goal, the White House is committed to promoting the development of all forms of renewable energy, including offshore wind. Today, the White House is hosting the Summit on Offshore Wind, a gathering of leading federal, state and industry stakeholders committed to the long-term and sustainable development of offshore wind in the United States. By 2030, offshore wind is projected to supply 22,000 megawatts of clean and abundant energy to cities and communities in America enough to power 4.5 million homes. Read more.

Spotlight on Game Changer Technology: Lowering Costs and Creating Local Jobs

Siemens has launched a new alternating-current (AC) grid access solution.  This new AC solution is so small that it need not be installed at sea, but rather can be attached to a turbine.  In addition, it weighs 30% less than the traditional AC platform and takes up 30% less space, replacing the conventional AC transformer platforms.

The new solution consists of an offshore transformer module (OTM) attached directly to a wind turbine and acts as a distributed transmission asset. Nominally rated in incremental 250-megawatt blocks, it can be linked together to provide the required transmission capacity even for very large wind farms. Read more.

Block Island
Block Island Wind Farm is progressing!
Block Island Wind Farm towers 3 thru 4 sitting in Narragansett Bay waiting to be barged to the island

Seatower DNV Certified Foundations 
In Feb 2015, Seatower installed a foundation in the British Channel at the Fécamp offshore site. From signing the contract with DONG, EDF EN and wpd offshore and till installation happened, it only took 9 months. Seapower’s exclusive use of local ships and tugboats made a tremendous difference in the cost and timetable of the project, which could have a huge impact on the U.S. offshore wind industry, as it injects money into the local economy and cuts down on installation time using no special purpose vessels, purely tug boats.

Traditional steel foundations have historically required high costs, complicated installation procedures, and large factories to house them in.  Seatower foundations, built using crane-free gravity, are mass produced simply, flexibly and cost-effectively.  Without the use of large cranes or large factories, requiring no long transport routes, they are produced locally where they will be installed. Seatower and the company’s unique installation method has been DNV certified since 2009, with over $8 million US invested and numerous patents acquired.

International Workshop on Life-Cycle Costing of Offshore Wind Turbines and Farms|October 1, 2015 at University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. Read more.

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